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  Xiangyang Rongheng Electric Electronics co.,ltd is a set of production, sales and service, research and technology as one of the high-tech enterprises, located in China's historical and cultural city, the former residence of Zhu Geliang Hubei Xiangyang, beautiful scenery, convenient transportation。
  The company has been committed to the thyristor (SCR) development and engineering application of related technologies, with strong technical strength, bringing together a group engaged in engineering machinery, electrical, computer integrated automatic control etc., senior engineer, expert. The main products of the company include: DBC series thyristor and module test platform, DBC series thyristor tester, thyristor trigger control board series, and long-term prices for better supply of KK, KP series thyristor devices. All products are widely used in metallurgy, electronics, chemical, machinery, building, electric power, mining industry and other fields, covering more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide, autonomous region. Our aim is integrity development, the pursuit of excellence, we always adhere to the advanced technology, quality products and perfect service to open up the market, with customers and common development。
  The company all staff welcome you to visit the company guidance, to discuss cooperation rongheng !